Not all BLOGS are Written Equal...

Adexa Supply Chain Planning Blog covers the latest and hottest topics in Supply Chain Management but with a twist.  It's less formal and at times hard-hitting but always thought provoking.

Although our blog covers a range of topics, much of our contents are focused on Sales and Operations Planning, Attribute Based Planning, Demand Planning and similar subject matter.  We also have the added benefit of diving deep into other potential supply chain related issues as a result of years of collective experiences our people have in the industry.

Adexa delivers intelligent enterprise business planning and performance management solutions that link strategic planning, financial planning and supply chain planning. In this synchronized environment, the financial impact of planning decisions, and their ramifications on the enterprise, are known in advance to ensure profitable operational decisions are made every time. The end result is an innovative enterprise, able to proactively adjust to changing market conditions and support growth and capitalization.

Adexa’s unique solutions have the intelligence to detect supply chain risk and self-repair and improve itself.  Adexa is the only supply chain company that has Attribute-Based Planning® capability on both the supply and demand side of the equation.